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last updated on: 12/07/18 10:58AM
   Once upon a sexual assault … it’s not outrageous for fairytales to get a modern update [04/01/18 10:30AM]   
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Stephanie Merritt

Sleeping Beauty’s roots lie in a story of rape – and when stories strongly shape children’s sense of gender role and agency then old tropes may need reimagining

•Stephanie Merritt is an author, and former deputy literary editor of the Observer

When is it acceptable for a man to foist himself on a sleeping woman? You may be thinking that the correct answer would be “never” – unless, of course, you are the father of former Stanford student Brock Turner, who wrote a letter to the sentencing judge to protest about the length of his son’s sentence last year after he had been convicted of assaulting an unconscious woman after a party...






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